Learn Forex Trading from Australia One to One with us in an exciting trading environment. Everything's Included: Training + Software + Mentor in a Live Trade Room/ 


Forex Training Australia

If we don't have a training center for your country - you can do our forex training Live over the internet with a live mentor - or you can fly to our nearest training center. Fill in the form below to get the full options available to you via email.

Learn Forex Trading with easy to Understand Software that allows you to make 20 pips a day with accurate Trade Entry & Exits.

No Experience is Required. We take you from Beginner to Intermediate level.

Cross Currency Analysis - Learn why this is important in Forex Trading and Understand what the Forex market is doing in a split second.

Understand Trading Psychology & Money Management techniques.

Learn the same Simple Forex Strategies used by big banks to make Millions of Dollars.

Face to Face Forex Training with Ex CitiBank Trader with 31 years experience.

Small Group Training - Experienced Trading Mentor (Andy Shearman) trains small groups of no more than 10.

These reasons make this the best forex trading course - you'll get anywhere.

Forex Trading at our training center for Australia

Forex Training

Sit and trade forex under the supervision of your Mentor (Pro FX Trader).

Practice what you have learnt on the live course every day for 8 hours

Replicate the trades on the trading desk into your own LIVE / DEMO Forex Trading Account for real profit.

...Get Up to 18 days Live Trading Time.



An ex CitiBank Forex Trader Andy Shearman from London who has over 31 years of experience and has traded for large Banks
         around the world for over two decades - will be your personal mentor!

Andy Shearman has been Mentoring for the last 10 years and trained hundreds of forex traders.

Andy Shearman Trades The London / New York Open Everyday whilst coming on to the Open mic to announce his
         trades live.

Andy Shearman's training style and delivery method is extremely easy to understand and follow.

...Extract the best parts of Andy Shearman's 31 years Trading at the Highest level.

Easy Forex Trading Software - FXMoneyMap for Australia

FXMoneyMap Forex Software developed by Andy Shearman based on what he learnt over his 20 years trading at Big Banks.

FXMoneyMap allows you to adopt the same systems that large Banks use to make millions $.

No Complex Charts with the FXMoneyMap Forex Software means it will be easier for you to understand.

4 Forex Charts in 1 Grid means You spend less time on your analysis when you look at a Grid based on data from 4 time frame charts (1,5,15
         and 60 min charts).

Forex Software that allows you to spot profitable trades with Precise Entry & Exit Points that can make you up to 20 points

Multi Currency Analysis allowing Cross Currency Analysis gives you the ability to instantly detect what the market is doing i.e. Strength or
         Weakness in Pound, Dollar, Euro, Yen etc...

...Learn the Software that will allow you to understand the Forex Market and help you make 20 pips a day .



You can get Access to the Online Forex Traderoom where Traders from around the world login every day to Follow Andy Shearman and join our online community

Andy Shearman's trades Andy Announces his Trades Live as he Trades the London and New York Open for you to follow.

Andy Shearman broadcasts live Commentary during the London / New Open for you to understand what is happening in the market.

Andy Comments on news figures, his live positions alerting you of his orders to buy /sell, entries, exits, stop losses and take profits on his live positions.

You get access to see Andy Shearman's live trading screen with his live positions changing LIVE on your own screen.

...Never trade alone. Login everyday to Trade with Andy Shearman & his Online community of Fx Traders


This Forex Trading Course is held on Our 60ft Yacht Docked in Canary Wharf

First Floor 10 Man Trading Desk along side head Trader / Mentor Andy Shearman

Second Floor Relaxation Area and socialising with other trainees during your break time.

Top Deck Jacuzzi and eating area.

You will be assigned a 3 Screen Display Trading Station whilst you are on the course.

60” Interactive whiteboard to teach you trade setups

...Get the Best  Forex Trading Course in an ideal Training Environment which blends a ‘Bank style’ Trading Spot Desk for when you're learning to trade with a calm atmosphere on the boat for when you want to relax in your break time.


P/L Size Earnings
Per Day
Per Day
+20 pips 1 Lot $200 $50,000
+20 pips 2 Lots $400 $100,000
+20 pips 3 Lots $600 $150,000
+20 pips 5 Lots $1000 $250,000
+20 pips 10 Lots $2000 $500,000


There are no outrageous claims of making hundreds of pips; 20 pips is all you need to get a nice return on your trading.

Make 20 pips will result in you initially making $200 a day trading 1 standard Lot.

20 pips a day makes $200 a day, which results in up to $4000 a month and as much as $50,000 a year.

Once you have built up your account you can increase your trading two 2 standard lots. So when you make 20 pips you will now make up
         to $400 a day, $8000 a month and as much as $100, 000 a year.

The more lots you trade with.. the more you can make with just 20 pips a day - see table on to the right.

...20 pips a day for you can bring sizeable returns as an income through your trading.

Why You should get your Forex Training from us?

Our Trading is made 100% transparent so you can see how many pips you can make with Andy Shearman's trading style.

Trading Statements for each month in 2011/2012 and past years

Trades Log for each month in 2011/2012 and past years

Recorded Broadcasts Andy Shearman Trading Live on each of
the Daily London / New York Open (with Video & Voice)

Course Feedback includes Video & Written Testimonials
from Previous Traders

To get access to this information, please fill in the form below so
we can send it to your email immediately.

...Trading results made 100% transparent so you can see how many pips you can make with Andy Shearman's trading style.

2 Day Forex Training Course,
Supplied With Full FXMoneyMap Software (excludes data feed) and
         Unlimited Online Trade Room Access for 3 Months.

         Dates: Normally run on Thursday & Friday of every week.

1 Week Forex Training Course,
Includes 2 Day's Core Training and 3 Days Live Trading Time,
        Supplied With Full FXMoneyMap Software (excludes Data Feed)
        and Unlimited Online Trade Room Access for 1 Year.

         Dates: Published Dates (Scheduled from Jan 2012).
         Phone for other dates for the 1 Week Courses.

1 Month Forex Training Course,
Includes 2 Day's Core Training and 18 Days Live Trading Time,
        Supplied With Full FXMoneyMap Software and Unlimited Online
        Trade Room Access for 1 Year.

        Dates: Published Dates (Scheduled for 2012).
        Phone for other dates for the 1 Month Courses.

Courses are tailored to your needs, dates and schedules can be
provide as per your schedule. Courses can be split over several
         weeks if necessary.

Call for Course Fees to find what is suitable for you.

...Call us today to find the course  from the options available that is most suitable for you.




        If you are looking to start trading and would like more information, You can
        call us for a free no-obligation anytime from Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM.

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